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The world’s first immersive entertainment platform

Revolutionising Gaming

Immersive Gamebox is revolutionising the gaming landscape, delivering a unique, shared and social gaming experience, captivating audiences of all ages and skill levels

Rapid Growth

Rapidly expanding globally, already a dedicated player base of 1 million, strong repeat rates and a committed pipeline of unique content and games to continue fuelling growth

Grow with us

As a Concessionaire already operating movie theatres, family entertainment centres (FECs), bowling alleys, and other live entertainment spaces, or as a multi-unit Franchisee developing the IGB brand across a territory

We are looking for...

International multi-unit entertainment or other operators willing to commit to an ambitious growth plan.

Regional partners with development plans to build and scale IGB across exclusive territories.

 Partners with existing entertainment/retail locations where IGB is an incremental customer driver - i.e. movie theatres, gaming centres, etc).

Now recruiting US multi unit franchisees!

Are you ready to be part of an exciting venture? We're on the lookout for passionate individuals interested in joining us as franchisees to drive the expansion of Immersive Gamebox across the United States. Currently, we are focusing our efforts on franchise opportunities in:

  • Florida
  • Georgia

While we're excited to welcome new franchisees into our network, please note that we are not currently seeking single-unit franchisees. Instead, we're seeking motivated individuals interested in multi-unit franchise opportunities.



United Kingdom





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Available territories

Georgia (USA)

Florida (USA)



South Korea








Technology Requirements

All of our patented technology is designed to be easy to install, operate with minimal staffing, and offer remote tech support.

  • The compact size of IGB’s “theme park in a box” turns 40-70 sq. m (450-750 sq ft) of space into a high-yield installation with constantly updating content.
  • IGB supplies Gameboxes as a prefabricated kit that can be installed in 3 days.
  • The kits are specifically designed to house the patented IGB technology pack, making the technical install plug-and-play.
  • Each Gamebox measures 3.6m x 3.6m x 3.6m (12x12x12 ft), with a typical unit housing 8-10 Gameboxes per site.
  • Additional height is required for Immersive Gamebox signage above the boxes.
  • Electrical requirements are 3-phase incoming and 150A for 8 Gameboxes.
  • HVAC requirements typically leverage existing ambient systems.
  • Gameboxes can be installed to fit most fire safety systems.
  • Dedicated internet line is required for ongoing support provided by Immersive Gamebox.

We’re here to help with any extra technical questions – check out our FAQ for the most common queries or get in touch.

Exclusive IP

13+ games from our IGB in-house studio and household name IPs

Next-Level Tech

Our proprietary tech platform drives a fully immersive, multi-sensory experience

Loved by Players

24,500 and counting 5 star reviews across Google, Yelp + TripAdvisor


Harvey Jenkinson

Gravity CEO

Immersive Gamebox has been a fantastic addition to our Family Entertainment Centre. The Gameboxes were simple to incorporate into our business, as they only require one member of staff to operate, and the remote monitoring and support has been excellent. Our Gameboxes have experienced high occupancy 7 days a week, as the range of games attracts a wide audience, and encourages repeat business at our venue.

Mark D HAAK Wegmann

Managing Director Majid Al Futtaim Leisure and Entertainment

Immersive Gamebox is a pioneering gaming company, and we are excited to partner with them to expand our offering at Magic Planet. Together, we’ve ntroduced technology-enabled shared play and a whole new genre of group entertainment.

Dan Fonseca

Executive Director Santikos

Immersive Gamebox represents the legacy of innovation and fits perfectly with our trailblazing spirit. We can not be more excited to present our customers with a truly unique and exclusive offering — a first for the San Antonio market

Ready to take the next step?

Apply if you are a multi-unit entertainment or other operator, willing to commit to an ambitious growth plan. If you are an international Franchisee or want to develop IGB within the United States, follow the link below to get in touch.

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Our concession business model is designed to bring 2-5 Gameboxes to an existing venue, for example a Family Entertainment Centre, a movie theatre or a bowling venue. A franchise site is where a third party (a franchisee) opens their own Immersive Gamebox site, that is run in accordance with an agreed set of rules and procedures. We currently have opportunities for both models in major cities globally.
We are looking for operators of existing successful entertainment locations, with the resources and entrepreneurial ambition to make the IGB concession a success. You will bring: a) The space and services for connection b) Staff to be trained in operating and optimising an IGB Concession c) A detailed knowledge of your customers and their journey, so we can best position IGB for success.
We are looking for experienced operators of multi-site businesses, ideally those with experience as a Master franchisee or franchise developer for a brand in retail, hospitality or entertainment. Your experience does not necessarily need to be in location-based entertainment.
You will need to be well-funded with the financial capability to launch and grow your Immersive Gamebox franchise. The up-front capital requirement will include a Franchise Fee of £40,000 and investment in the Technical Pack (hardware required to operate an Immersive Gamebox) of approximately £300,000, per unit. Other fees related to the ongoing operations of an Immersive Gamebox include game content, booking and payment platform and marketing. Exclusivity fees may be applicable for international markets and territories.
Direct financial assistance is not available from Immersive Gamebox. However, we are able to support third-party applications (via banks and other lenders) in your territory.
Definitely. We are particularly keen to speak to partners who wish to develop multiple Immersive Gamebox units. For international markets and territories, we are seeking Master Franchisees with associated development agreements.
We look to develop stand alone venues with at least 8 gameboxes, but it can certainly depend on the market and space available. Concessions are typically 4-5 gameboxes in size.
Definitely. We are particularly keen to speak to partners who wish to develop multiple Immersive Gamebox units. For international markets and territories, we are seeking Master Franchisees with associated development agreements.

August 2023
Content Pipeline

Quarterly blockbuster releases of IGB Original content and IP partnerships with Netflix, Sony, Paramount and more

August 2023
Tech platform innovation

Exciting hardware and software updates coming leveraging our proprietary platform that automates seamless guest experiences through machine learning

August 2023
Global expansion

We are scaling rapidly to meet demand for our one-of-a-kind immersive experiences